Let’s Get #PrettyMuddy.

by Katelyn Block on September 30, 2012 · 15 comments

Hi everyone! HOLY EXHAUSTION, it’s been quite a weekend! I spent Friday getting my WOD on, and then driving from Syracuse to Rochester, then Rochester to Columbus, Ohio.

It’s time to get dirty.

When I first got to the course at the buttcrack of dawn (7am, don’t judge me) for my 8am wave, I was amazed by the scenery. On-location at one of Columbus’ most-loved ski resorts, the Pretty Muddy team took advantage of the landscape and the lodges surrounding it.

Fog, gear check tents, lodge, and stage.

Madre spent some time talking with the event staff, and found out that this is the location of one of Ohio’s highest peaks! How cool is that?

I took a look at the starting line and realized where I would be going: Uphill.

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The starting line.

At the beginning, the emcee (not really sure what to call him, but he’s awesome) warmed us up with some dance moves and some motivating chat about the obstacles we would be facing and the free beer afterwards.

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Thanks, Coors Light, for being an awesome sponsor. (and no I didn’t have any, everyone keep your slippers on)

There were food goodies for sale too:

I grabbed a water and a coffee, aka necessities to life. Here’s me pre-race:

Looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, clearly. I have to apologize for my appearance. I’m actually feeling really vulnerable putting this picture up. No makeup, not the most flattering outfit, but hey, it was a MUDDY run! And way too early to function.

(Disclaimer: No pictures in-race yet, hoping to get an email about those soon!)

Anyway. The course was awesome. It began uphill and the first obstacle was soap bubbles. Awesome. Have I said that enough? Second obstacle was straight-up water being sprayed. The next few involved over-under jump-and-crawl type obstacles, alternating between those and a rope-climb-ladder, running while carrying a log, and tons of over-under crawling obstacles through mud.

I actually really liked these. It was kind of gross and scary at first, but part of what I loved most about this race is that it pushed me outside of my comfort zone. Just like the shirt says: The comfort zone is a made up place. The only time you’re going to get excited and make moves in your life is when you push yourself to do the things that scare you at first. Like getting down and dirty in the mud!


That’s yours truly with the emcee. At the beginning of the race, he asked if any of us were from out-of-state, and I was the only one in my heat. From then on, my nickname was New York.

I can work with that.

He was totally down for muddy hugs and pumped everyone up for the race beforehand, getting us excited while listening to the spins of DJ RedLine. (who he mentioned is single, so any of you Columbus-area readers…… maybe it’s time to date a DJ!)

I don’t look that muddy, but I promise I was dripping (and squishing squeaking) mud for an hour. Madre was smart and packed me an extra pair of pants and a jacket to change into. I was smart and brought socks and my Reebok RealFlex’s. Got to hang out by the fire post-race and sip my coffee in dry, clean clothes.

Later in the day, I headed to lunch in Columbus with Madre and my cousin, but that’s another post.

Have you ever done a Muddy Run?
What did you do this weekend?
Is there a Pretty Muddy event coming your way soon??

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Life Lesson #1: BE A DOER. {VIDEO}

by Katelyn Block on September 27, 2012 · 11 comments

Hey there! Happy… middle of the day!  I love noontime. You already feel semi-productive and there’s so much exciting stuff to do the rest of the day. Hopefully.

Today’s a rest day so I’m feeling kind of weird about life. Not going into the Box is one of the weirdest feelings, like you forgot a sock but put on both shoes.

I have a VLOG for you on something that’s become a consistent theme in my life…. BEING a DOER. I’ve been struggling a lot with fulfilling obligations (like schoolwork) when my head and heart aren’t in it, but realized that just like a workout, I gotta do it. I talk about work life, everyday life, work obligations, and talk a little bit about an article I read in the CrossFit Journal about athlete psychology and mental toughness.


What are your thoughts on “being a doer”?

Comment below! And start the conversation on Twitter with #beadoer and @ChefKatelyn. How do take charge of your life?


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Snatch Form: Before and After {VIDEO}

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